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Karolina Kulach May 22, 2017 5:39:00 AM 1 min read

[Case Study] Na’vi increases its international sales by 72%

Our international business has really taken off since being with Glopal.

Jemma Claire,

navi international online store


Based in north west Scotland, Na’vi organics is an organic and sustainable superfood brand.  They are a small team of five employees and sell across multiple channels including Amazon and their own online store www.naviorganics.uknavi platform top international markets

They have a successful business on Amazon with many highly rated products, but have in recent years started to focus on building a direct channel through their own website in order to gain more control over their brand and more margin on their products.


With a unique set of own-branded products Na’vi has always received a proportion of their website traffic and orders from abroad, but their international visitors have never converted as well as their domestic ones.

With a small team, practically running international versions of their store was never really a realistic option and providing competitive shipping options for low value international orders was also difficult.


navi international sales

Through installing a simple plugin on Na’vi has launched 55 localized versions of their store and are now able to accept payment in 26 different currencies via PayPal. The company is also able to offer their customers affordable international shipping using Glopal's Parcel Forwarding service.


Through the combination of providing translated and localized versions of their store and through offering competitive shipping rates Na’vi have experienced a 72% increase in their international orders in the first six weeks after the launch.

navi international sales growth

About Glopal's Global Sellers program

The Global Sellers program is provided by PayPal in partnership with Glopal.

Glopal enables online retailers and marketplace sellers on eBay and Amazon to instantly expand worldwide and boost their online sales. Through a simple Plug & Play solution Glopal provides international buyers with a comprehensive end-to-end local shopping experience.


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