Hassle-free international shipping

Our parcel forwarding service enables you to offer your buyers 30% cheaper International shipping rates without making any changes to your existing shipping workflow.

How it works

When an order is placed and your buyer has selected one of the Glopal's shipping options, you'll simply need to ship it to one of our domestic shipping hubs using your existing courier and we’ll take it from there.

Your buyer is offered multiple international shipping options in your checkout.  
You'll need to ship your item to our domestic shipping hub using your existing courier.  
From there we prepare all customs documentation and forward your item to your buyer.  

Setup in 15 mins

Parcel Forwarding can be enabled in your checkout in about 15 minutes using one of our plugins for Magento, Shopify or BigCommerce.

You’ll instantly be able to offer multiple reduced international shipping options to your buyers, without changing your existing couriers or workflows.

Ship internationally as easily as shipping domestically

Send your international orders to one of Glopal’s domestic shipping hubs and from there we'll consolidate and forward your item to your buyer. Glopal will take care of all customs documentation and onward shipping costs.


Track your orders every step of the way

Glopal provides up to the minute tracking to both the buyer and seller.

On average 30% lower rates

Glopal powers international ecommerce for over 20,000 retailers, each of which sends hundreds of parcels each month. Using this volume, Glopal is uniquely positioned to negotiate the very best international shipping rates with couriers, which we then pass on to your buyers.


Dynamic shipping rates

There is no need set hundreds of shipping rates. We dynamically calculate the international shipping rates for all your items, based on their size and weight.

Ship to even more destinations

Glopal’s parcel forwarding gives you access to dozens of new international couriers and routes enabling you to unlock dozens of new international delivery destinations.


In 1947 Rose Repetto created her first ballet shoes on the advice of her son Roland Petit, in a tiny workshop near the National Opera of Paris. Today Repetto sells shoes across the globe with the help of Glopal.

Get the best price from multiple couriers

Glopal’s international shipping service automatically selects the most affordable route and service from dozens of international couriers, saving you time and money.