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Attract new international buyers with automated paid, social and organic search marketing.


Convert more new and existing buyers with powerful localization and global payment tools.


Maximize customer lifetime value with a best-in-class omnichannel experience.


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Glopal is a powerful cross-border ecommerce solution designed specifically for the needs of large and enterprise brands and retailers.
We're trusted by many of the world's largest fashion, lifestyle and sports brands. Glopal enables brands to scale their businesses internationally in a way that protects and respects their brand.

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A global
of partners

Glopal, together with its partners, enables merchants around the world to create unparalleled international buying experiences. Some of the largest global brands trust Glopal with their international expansion strategies.
When you partner with Glopal, everyone is a winner. Grow your revenues by leveraging the best cross-border platform to drive international growth for your clients.



Glopal is attending, sponsoring and speaking at a record number of trade events in 2023 both in Europe and North America. If we're attending an event near you we'd love to meet in person.
Click the button below to view our events calendar and use the form to book in a one-to-one meeting with us at one of the events.

Glopal and Webinterpret Warsaw office

We've been powering global ecommerce since 2007. We're headquartered in Paris with offices and staff across the globe.

We're growing fast and currently recruiting for a number of really exciting roles. Click below to view our current openings.

Keep up with the latest from Glopal, our partners, brands and the international ecommerce space.

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This is the home for all Glopal's ebooks, guides, white papers and videos.

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Glopal and Webinterpret Warsaw office

About us

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Powering Global Ecommerce
Since 2007

The idea behind Glopal was first born back in 2007 when Benjamin Cohen and Patrick Smarzynski founded a company called Webinterpret. Webinterpret is now the world's leading cross-border ecommerce solution for Amazon and eBay sellers. Glopal grew out of research from Webinterpret and in 2020 was founded as a sister company designed specifically to address the cross-border challenges of large brands and retailers. Together Webinterpret and Glopal are made up of over 220 employees across 8 offices globally.

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220+ Employees
8 Offices globally
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At the heart of Glopal is innovation, we work on complicated problems that are pushing the boundaries of technology, localization and ecommerce. We constantly push our team to challenge the status quo and push us and the industry forward.

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Key to our success is the passion of our teams. We love what we do and that enables us to deliver great product and great value to our customers.

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Glopal is nothing without the people that work for us, our business culture is super important, and we work hard to foster an inclusive and supportive team spirit.
We're Hiring!

Top Tech Employer

Back in 2019 (when we were still part of Webinterpret) we were awarded the Bulldog top tech employer in the category of programming. Due to the complexity of the problems we solve, we've always placed a heavy focus on fostering an environment of engineering excellence.

Glopal Wins Top Tech Empolyer Award


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Based in Paris with offices worldwide

Today we're headquartered in Paris, but are also located in 8 regional offices across the globe from Toronto, to Nice, to Belfast, Barcelona, Shenzhen, Belgrade and Warsaw.  Many of our team also work remotely from other locations and we try to meet in person as regularly as we can for team events.  We endeavour to work with the best talent in the world regardless of their geographic location.


Innovation is part of our DNA and we work hard to foster a culture of creativity and encourage our teams to constantly challenge the status quo.

Glopal and Webinterprets Warsaw office


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We're incredibly lucky to work with some of the biggest names in the ecommerce space, which gives our customers unparalleled reach and logistical capabilities.

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Since the genesis of the idea back in 2007, Webinterpret and then Glopal, together have grown to become the global leaders in the cross-border ecommerce space. Let's see how we got there.
  • 2007 - 2010

    Built the core localization engine

    Back in 2007 Ben and Patrick founded Webinterpret. They focussed on building  a localization engine for internet content. Initially they tried to apply this technology to a number of different commercial use-cases.
  • 2010 - 2011

    Product-market fit

    It wasn't until 2010 that they hit the jackpot and discovered that ecommerce provided the perfect business opportunity for their technology.

  • 2011

    eBay extension released

    In 2011 they released their first public eBay extension which enabled ordinary eBay sellers to take their businesses global in just a few clicks.

  • 2012 - 2013

    Amazon extension released

    Hot off the success of the release of their eBay extension in 2011, Webinterpret adapted their technology for Amazon and in 2012 released a similar extension for Amazon sellers.

  • 2013 - 2015

    Online store extension released

    Between 2013 and 2015 Webinterpret began to move into the online store space, this culminated in the acquisition of the London-based startup Ekos Global and the subsequent release of extensions for Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento.

  • 2018

    Webinterpret acquires borderlinx

    With hundreds of merchants using Webinterpret's online store solution they made the strategic acquisition of the Paris-based shipping solution Borderlinx. This enabled them to provide their online store customer's with additional shipping, logistics and compliance tools.

  • 2020

    Glopal launched as separate company

    By 2022 Glopal was growing rapidly and acquiring many large, world-class, brands and retails and they decided to incorporate Glopal as stand-alone company that focussed specifically on the needs and requirements of large global brands and retailers.
  • Today

    Today Webinterpret continues to go from strength to strength servicing marketplace sellers and Glopal is emerging as the leading global ecommerce provider for the world's largest brands and retailers.
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We're Hiring!

Work hard
Play hard

At Glopal we work very hard on some incredibly complicated problems, but we also work just as hard to foster a fun and inclusive culture within our organisation. We're based all over the world but try to meet in person and party as often as we can!

We're Hiring


Our team is made up of the best talent in engineering, product, marketing, customer service and ecommerce. We're based all over the world and all focussed on the same mission to open worldwide commerce to all.

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If you want to work on complicated problems, with world-class clients and in a fun and international environment, why not take a look our current openings.