International Facebook Ads

A simple & fully automated ecommerce solution that connects your existing Facebook or Instagram ads with international buyers worldwide, growing your sales instantly.


4x-1Boost international sales 4X

On average Glopal customers have seen a 4X increase in their international sales and a 32% increase in their total sales for ads campaigns, whilst maintaining their set ROAS.


Improve your ROI and invest in more countries

Our automated solution identifies the best international opportunities  for  your  products, lowering  your  average CPC, widening your global reach and driving more sales to  your  online  store.  Reduce  the  cost  of  customer acquisition  and  achieve  a  higher  return  on  marketing investment  by  launching  in  new  countries  with  lower competition.

Plug & Play solution

Connect your site, your Facebook or Instagram account and your international ads will be ready to go. Achieve the best conversion rate thanks to the  best in class buyer experience with your site in the buyer language and currency, with local payment options and all tax and duties automatically calculated.


Product localization

By translating and localizing all of your product feeds, we enable you to sell your products in any country, any language and any currency, with innovative shipping options that deliver to even the most isolated buyer. A great way to boost your Facebook or Instagram Shop's global sales.


End-to-end growth solution

Glopal provides a Plug & Play solution to enable retailers and brands to boost their  international sales within 24 hours:

International marketing Automated: Create and synchronise automatically your Facebook dynamic ads feed in multiple languages and currency  
International Payments

Increase buyer confidence: Offer your international buyers their preferred local payment methods


Optimized conversion: Redirect your ads to your site automatically localized in the buyer language and currency


Optimized conversion: We automatically translate all your Facebook ads and products

Customs Tax & Duty

Better buyer experience: Offer prepaid tax and duties in your checkout to avoid surprises and reduce returns

International shipping

Better buyer experience: Offer fast and affordable local delivery options to international buyers


Grow your international sales with



Plug & Play on standard platforms. Contact us for custom integrations.