Cross-border solutions for ecommerce

Glopal is an integrated full-stack cross-border eCommerce solution that enables online merchants to provide international customers with an end-to-end localized shopping experience.  Our solutions cover international marketing, localized store and checkout, customs classification, calculation and documentation and international shipping and returns.


Seamless Customer Experience

The international customer is becoming more and more sophisticated. They expect a seamless customer experience without hiccups, workarounds or archaic mechanics. With Glopal, you stay in control of your customers’ experience and data while providing a seamless experience from marketing and online store through to your checkout, delivery and returns process.

International Google Shopping

A simple & fully managed international ecommerce marketing solution that connects your existing Google Shopping product feeds with buyers worldwide, growing your sales instantly.
International Google shopping by Glopal

International Facebook Ads

A simple & fully automated ecommerce solution that connects your existing Facebook or Instagram ads with international buyers worldwide, growing your sales instantly.


We also work with agencies

At Glopal we’ve been helping agencies and their customers to achieve international growth through localization. Whether it’s to enter 1 international market or conquer 100, our full stack cross-border solution has everything needed to create a fully localized shopping experience that international buyers expect. We provide the tools to scale international sales through Google Shopping.
You keep full control of all campaigns.

Ecommerce Translation

Global uses a natural language processing solution to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation, but localizing an online store goes far beyond just translation. It involves converting currencies, sizes, payment methods and much more.


Localized Checkout

The checkout is the very final step of the buying process, changes made here can have a huge impact on your overall store performance. Localizing your checkout will boost your international conversion rate and revenues.


Tax & Duties

Our suite of tax & duties and returns solutions is designed for enterprise ecommerce businesses who want to accelerate worldwide sales.


HS Code Classification

Customs compliance is a major pain point for international retailers. A single shift or reclassification in HS codes can impact a retailer’s ability to clear customs or properly collect Total Landed Cost. On-The-Fly Classification (OTFC) ensures retailers are up to date and compliant, a task once unobtainable when manually processed.

Glopal HS Code Classification

Export Hub

Prepare orders at your fulfillment center and let Glopal's Hub solution mange final processing for international delivery. Glopal's Hub solution manages international orders with your existing checkout process, providing customers their total landed cost (includes customs duty and tax), prohibited item verification and much more.

Prohibited items

International import and export restrictions are constantly changing. Glopal offers a prohibited items check that automatically identifies restricted and prohibited items for export to specific destinations and informs the buyer in order to prevent delayed or failed shipments.

International returns

International transactions don’t end when a customer receives their order. When returns are necessary, Glopal's global returns solution ensures a streamlined system that is both easy for customers to navigate and affordable for merchants to manage.

International Shipping

Our parcel forwarding service enables you to offer your buyers 30% cheaper International shipping rates without making any changes to your existing shipping workflow.

Understanding International Shipping, Tax & Duty

Are you confused by how customs taxes and duties work? Without getting into all the terminologies and legal complexities, we'll summarize the essentials and explain how Glopal handles it for you.

Understanding Shipping Weight

When shipping internationally, packages are charge based on volumetric or actual weight.

Tax and Duty De Minimis

Some countries and territories allow goods below specific values to be imported free from duty and/or taxes.

Import Tax & Duty Explained

All imported goods and their values must by law be declared to the importing country's customs office.