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Glopal is a powerful cross-border ecommerce solution designed specifically for the needs of large and enterprise brands and retailers.
We're trusted by many of the world's largest fashion, lifestyle and sports brands. Glopal enables brands to scale their businesses internationally in a way that protects and respects their brand.

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Glopal, together with its partners, enables merchants around the world to create unparalleled international buying experiences. Some of the largest global brands trust Glopal with their international expansion strategies.
When you partner with Glopal, everyone is a winner. Grow your revenues by leveraging the best cross-border platform to drive international growth for your clients.



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Tax and Duty De Minimis

Some countries and territories allow goods below specific values to be imported free from duty and/or taxes. We've listed the duty-free thresholds that apply to the countries where many of our customers live.

What is Tax & Duty De Minimus

A duty or tax de minimis is a goods value threshold. Imports below this threshold are exempt from duties and/or value-added tax (VAT). The thresholds differ by country as below examples illustrate:

  • Items imported into the United States are duty and tax-free up to $800 goods value.
  • In any EU member state, import customs duty is applicable for any goods purchased from a country outside the EU with a total price of more than €150. VAT is always charged, regardless of the value.
  • In the UK, import duties apply for any goods with a total price over £135. VAT is always charged.

De minimis consideration is of significant relevance in e-commerce because of the comparably low goods value of many shipments. If several goods are consolidated into one shipment, the value of the whole shipment will be assessed for duty, and multiple shipments received on the same day may also be assessed as a single shipment. 

Glopal’s Duty & Taxes solution automatically applies any applicable de minimis rule to increase buyer conversion, optimize profit margins, and speed up import clearance.

In local currency

Country Currency Duty De Minimis Tax De Minimis
Algeria DZD 50,000 50,000
Andorra EUR - -
Argentina ARS - -
Australia AUD 1,000 -
Austria EUR 150 -
Azerbaijan USD - -
Bahamas USD - -
Bahrain BHD 300 300
Barbados USD - -
Belgium EUR 150 -
Bosnia and Herzegovina KM 300 300
Brazil BRL - -
Brunei BND 400 400
Bulgaria EUR 150 -
Canada CAD 20 20
Chile USD 41 41
China Peoples Republic CNY - -
Colombia USD 200 -
Croatia EUR 150 -
Cyprus EUR 150 -
Czech Republic EUR 150 -
Denmark EUR 150 -
Egypt EGP - -
Estonia EUR 150 -
Finland EUR 150 -
France EUR 150 -
French Guiana EUR 150 -
French Polynesia XPF 20,000 20,000
Germany EUR 150 -
Greece EUR 150 -
Guadeloupe EUR 150 -
Guatemala USD - -
Guernsey GGP - -
Hong Kong HKD n/a n/a
Hungary EUR 150 -
Iceland ISK - -
India INR - -
Indonesia USD 3 -
Irish Republic EUR 150 22
Isle of Man EUR 135 -
Israel USD 50 50
Italy EUR 150 -
Iraq IQD - -
Ivory Coast USD 20 20
Japan JPY 10,000 10,000
Jersey GBP - -
Jordan JOD - -
Kenya KES - -
Korea, Republic of EUR 150 -
Kuwait KWD - -
Latvia EUR 150 -
Lebanon USD - -
Lithuania EUR 150 -
Luxembourg EUR 150 -
Macao MOP - -
Madagascar USD 20 20
Malaysia MYR 500 500
Maldives MVR - -
Malta EUR 150 -
Martinique EUR 150 22
Mauritania USD 25 25
Mauritius MUR 500 500
Mayotte EUR 150 -
Mexico USD 50 50
Monaco EUR 150 -
Morocco MAD - -
Netherlands EUR 150 -
New Caledonia XPF - -
New Zealand NZD 1000 -
Nigeria USD - -
Norway NOK - -
Oman OMR - -
Pakistan USD - -
Peru USD 200 200
Philippines PHP 10000 10000
Poland EUR 150 -
Portugal EUR 150 -
Puerto Rico USD - -
Qatar QAR - -
Reunion Island of EUR 150 22
Romania EUR 150 -
Saint Barthelemy EUR - -
Saint Martin EUR - -
Saint Pierre and Miquelon EUR - -
San Marino EUR 22 -
Saudi Arabia SAR 1000 -
Senegal USD - -
Serbia USD - -
Singapore SGD 400 400
Slovakia EUR 150 -
Slovenia EUR 150 -
South Africa USD - -
Spain EUR 150 -
Sweden EUR 150 -
Switzerland CHF 65 65
Taiwan TWD 2,000 2,000
Thailand THB 1,500 1,500
Turkey TRY - -
United States USD 800 800
Uganda USD - -
Ukraine USD 150 -
United Arab Emirates AED 1,000 -
United Kingdom GBP 135 -
Vietnam VND 1,000,000 -
Wallis and Futuna XPF 200 -

* The duty and tax information given below is subject to change, and we cannot guarantee that it is the most up-to-date information.



  • Hong Kong is a duty-free destination. No duties or taxes are collected.
  • In India, there is effectively no duty and tax-free threshold, and most shipments will be subject to a range of duties and taxes.
  • In the Russian Federation, duty and tax depend on an individual’s monthly import activity. The monthly allowance is currently a total value of 1,000 Euro (CIF value = value of goods + shipping) or a total weight of 31 kg.  Duty and tax are payable at a combined rate of 30% of the value in excess of 1,000 Euro, although nothing is payable if the duty and tax are 2 Euro or less. For items exceeding a total of 31 kg, duty and tax are payable on the excess at a rate of 4 Euro per kg.
  • For Singapore, there is no duty payable on most products except alcohol, tobacco products, motor vehicles and petroleum products (but see list of Prohibited Items).
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Glopal’s international shipping solution automatically selects the most affordable route and service from dozens of international couriers, saving you time and money.  These rates are then seamlessly integrated into your localized checkout to provide international buyers with multiple fast and affordable shipping options.  These dynamic shipping rates are then served in conjunction with or instead of any existing shipping options that you already provide in a specific market, giving your customers the widest choice of shipping options.

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Customs document generation

Providing your international buyers with a smooth a seamless buying experience that ensures fast and frictionless delivery of their order is as much about compliance as it is logistics. Glopal automatically generates all the customs compliance documentation required for all international orders.  This ensures that all your orders go straight through customs clearance with no unexpected delays or fees.

Glopal, Delegated, Managed International Ecommerce Returns


Having a great international returns policy is not just an important post-purchase function, but is also key to buyer confidence and conversion. Glopal provides a managed international returns service that enables merchants to offer a local returns address to international buyers which both improves buyer conversion and end-to-end buyer experience.

Duties & Tax

Our suite of tax & duty solutions is designed for ecommerce merchants that want to accelerate global sales in a way that is scalable, compliant and that delivers a great buyer experience to their international buyers.

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