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Daniel Porter Jan 30, 2018 5:57:00 AM 2 min read

[Case Study] Shinesty partners with Glopal

“We wanted to expand our reach, but when we started looking at cross-border solutions, we were concerned about the extra processing and delivery steps they required. To our delight, Glopal let us ship international orders directly to customers. But it’s offered us more than that: We can sell internationally without increasing our cost, which means the same great prices for international customers.”

Connor Miller,


Shinesty, an online retailer that specializes in outrageous apparel for every occasion, is leveraging Glopal’s Hub-in-a-Box (HiaB) technology solution to reach customers across the globe, including in-demand markets such as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Shinesty had dominated the festive fashion market in the U.S. but was facing difficulties making the leap to international audiences. Frustrated by the costly and time-consuming process of international shipping, Shinesty looked for a cross-border technology solution that offered faster processing time and lower shipping costs while allowing the company to maintain full control of international orders.

Glopal’s HiaB solution is the only cross-border technology solution that allows retailers to manage international orders on-site and ship directly to customers. By eliminating the extra delivery step in the fulfillment process, retailers can reduce delivery time and cost. Shinesty produces shipping labels and customs documentation on their own and fulfills both domestic and international orders in the same warehouse.

The solution enabled Shinesty to deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience. Both domestic and international shoppers will experience the same site, but for those ordering outside of the United States, orders will include customs duty and tax at checkout. By offering customers their total landed cost, Shinesty can reduce cart abandonment and international returns.

Ultimately, becoming a cross-border online retailer was fast and easy. Glopal's HiaB solution was instantly installed thanks to its ready-made connector on Shopify’s eCommerce platform. And with an open API, Shinesty was able to integrate the solution into their existing warehouse management system. In a matter of weeks, Shinesty was successfully serving customers in 73 countries.

About Glopal

Glopal connects millions of buyers and merchants around the world to unlock cross-border trade. 

Glopal provides advanced international marketing solutions for ecommerce retailers and brands seeking to grow their businesses' globally. Using a suite of automated localization tools, merchants can quickly launch their stores on international markets and promote them to new audiences with Google Shopping Ads.  Glopal’s tailored one-stop solution covers everything from driving multi-channel traffic through Google Shopping Ads & International SEO, to currency conversion, translation, tax & duty calculation, international shipping and global returns. 

Glopal's fully automated Saas solution truly enables merchants to deliver their international strategy and empower their brand globally.


Daniel Porter

Daniel is an international ecommerce expert at Glopal.