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Karolina Kulach May 15, 2015 7:26:00 AM 2 min read

Magento: leading platform for online stores & ecommerce trend

Nike, Olympus and Samsung have chosen Magento. This platform ranks as the most popular one among webstore sellers. We decided to do some research and asked 3000 British and German online sellers about their webstores and the platform that powers them. 23.81% webstore sellers confirmed that they use Magento as a provider to create their website. What is so popular about Magento and why does it seem to be such a big trend in e-commerce? Continue reading to find out what makes Magento special.

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Magento may not be the only platform worth considering when setting up an online shop, yet it definitely belongs to the trends driving e-commerce. The recent data show that over 200 000 online stores with an aggregate turnover of 60 billion US dollars per year are using Magento. Interestingly, the term Magento is being googled more often than eCommerce.
According to our survey conducted on UK and German online sellers, 23.81% use Magento, which is followed by local website designers (10.71%) and ekmPowershop (8.33%). Other platforms such as Gambio, Bigcommerce, Open Cart or Woocommerce were used by less than 5% of our respondents. These results imply that e-commerce is powered by Magento.

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In addition, over half of the webstore owners surveyed by us showed interest in going global with their shop and promoting it internationally. Promotion is a big factor in success and some e-commerce partners can let you test their translation & localisation services free of charge as well as help you with the free promotion of your store.


The features listed below will help you find the answer:

    • Open & Flexible: Magento is flexible, scalable and convenient. Magento is also Open Source that can be downloaded for free. Its open-system architecture has the power to create highly unique user experiences in harmony with various kinds of access devices.
    • A big community of developers works on keeping the platform up-to-date, fast and secure.
    • High Performance: Magento can boast page load speed, query processing time and other performance parameters. A delay of a few hundred milliseconds can make a difference in the world of ecommerce, which can make or break a business deal and have an effect on conversion rates. Magento’s high-end caching techniques seem to do their job well in this regard.
    • You can run multiple online stores: a single admin dashboard  gives you control over your inventory, customer data and billing tasks.
    • Easy integration: with different types of third party services: Google Analytics, Google Checkout, shipping, database apps and payment gateways.
    • SEO friendly
    • Support for Mobile Commerce: image scaling, AV capabilities, gesture based controls.

In short, Magento is a cost-effective platform that allows businesses to benefit from specialized features and multiple stores. The fact that it is so popular among webstore owners speaks in its favour. Thus, if you are already using Magento, it looks like you made an excellent choice. If, however, you are thinking of setting up your own webstore, do some research to find out whether Magento is the best option for you. Finally, prepare to go global with your shop: big international sales figures are just a few clicks away!


Karolina Kulach

Karolina Kulach is a content marketer and non-fiction writer, specialising in global ecommerce and online sales trends. Educated in Linguistics (MA) and Business Studies (BA Hons). A well-travelled individual with international education & work experience gained in London, Scotland, Poland and Germany. In her spare time buzzing with creative content ideas, including funky rhyming poems.