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News Oct 31, 2022 5:39:20 PM 2 min read

Glopal and Passport Shipping join forces to bolster cross-border services

Glopal, a leading cross-border technology platform and Passport Shipping, the modern international shipping carrier for e-commerce, have announced a comprehensive partnership to enable brands and retailers to deliver unparalleled cross-border experiences to their international shoppers. The formal partnership is a natural evolution of the two companies as they jointly support leading retail brands with their international expansion ambitions. 

By leveraging the combined strengths of Glopal and Passport, a renowned Los Angeles-based beauty and skincare brand grew global online sales by over 300% by launching in 85 international markets in less than 30 days and fulfilling 4,000+ orders. This exceptional growth was achieved through a combination of sales from new international markets, better order fulfillment, and a surge in repeat purchases. 

Through Glopal’s class-leading localization, compliance and campaign automation technologies and Passport Shipping’s industry-recognized shipping and post-purchase capabilities, merchants see a continuous lift in international sales volumes.

The alliance will afford merchants a comprehensive cross-border toolset, allowing them to,

  • attract new international buyers with automated paid, social and organic search marketing campaigns,
  • instantly launch their stores in over 100 countries,
  • convert more buyers with powerful localization and global payment tools,
  • display fully-landed costs at checkout for a highly transparent shopping experience,
  • elevate buyer confidence by delivering a highly personalized post-purchase experience, including up-to-date order tracking and customer support.

“Passport and Glopal are already well-acquainted and have been working together to enable exceptional international growth for existing customers,” said Benjamin Cohen, Glopal’s Chief Operating Officer. “I’m really excited about the prospects this partnership brings as more retailers and brands from North America and around the world can experience the success of a truly end-to-end cross-border solution.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Glopal and simplify cross-border solutions for more brands. This accelerates our mission of helping brands go global,” said Alex Yancher, Passport’s CEO.

About Glopal
Glopal simplifies international growth for e-commerce merchants, opening them to a world of customers. We enable businesses to expand quickly and seamlessly into new markets. Through our cross-border platform, we help global brands scale international sales while providing best-in-class buyer experiences. Glopal powers the international operations of some of the largest retail names in the world.

About Passport
Founded in 2017, Passport is an international shipping carrier built for e-commerce brands, marketplaces and 3PLs. The company manages all the complexities associated with international shipping so brands can stay focused on their core business. More information on the company can be viewed online at