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Daniel PorterNov 17, 2021 9:29:09 AM8 min read

Black Friday 2021 - 5 tips for ecommerce success

We are  almost well into the busiest shopping season of the year which is kicked off by the Black Friday weekend. The weekend itself is no longer exclusively reserved for Americans and is a global phenomenon among both retailers and shoppers alike. According to Ecommerce News, retail stores see 30% of all sales occurring between Black Friday through Christmas.

Last year Black Friday was a record breaking global ecommerce event, with over $9bn sales registered on the day. Let’s look at some lessons learned from salecycle below:

 Black Friday 2020:

  • Online traffic peaked at 20:00
  • 7 out of 10 online sessions were on mobile 
  • Add-to-cart rates peaked at 21:00 
  • Total cart abandonment was 76.63%
  • Online sales peaked at 21:00
  • Online sales volume was 9.0bn
  • Mobile online sales were 24% higher than desktop sales

Cyber Monday 2020:

  • Cyber Monday accounted for 7.37% of all online traffic from 20th November to 4th December. Black Friday was 9.33%.
  • Total Cart Abandonment was 80.25%
  • 54% of all online sales came from mobile 
  • 21:00 was the peak for online sales

 And whilst the Black Friday weekend is fast approaching, it is still not too late for merchants to make some changes to their online stores to make the most out of the surge in shopping demand and drive high ecommerce sales.

Here are five impactful tips that you can quickly and easily implement to get the most out of 2021’s Black Friday season.

  • Localize your marketing campaigns, site and checkout 

One of the quickest but most effective ways to maximise international sales is localizing your site and marketing campaigns. Black Friday and Cyber Monday present a huge opportunity for merchants to be discovered across international markets. This is that time of the year when consumer interest is at its highest and shoppers are much more likely to purchase. This interest is further fueled by shifting buying patterns as a result of Covid-19 where more and more customers are turning to online shopping.

Merchants that are able to offer a hyper localized experience to international customers have a significant advantage over their competition and are poised for success in the shopping season. 

An effective localized experience is making available accurate translations of  product descriptions, campaigns and webstores in the buyer’s local language; offering taxes and duties information in the check out; and payment options that they would expect to use in their home country. This creates credibility, comfortability and trust with buyers and by providing the localized experience as close to their normal native experience as possible, you can significantly improve the chances of higher conversions across the Black Friday weekend. 

When localization is done right can drive a 32% increase to international sales in as little as 30 days.

It’s also crucial to provide a seamless and secure checkout experience. Customers are more likely to hesitate their purchase decisions if they can’t understand the payment terms and conditions clearly. In order to secure international sales throughout the customer journey, provide a checkout experience that reinforces familiarity and trust to your customers.

Creating multilingual stores and campaigns is relatively quick and easy. By partnering with an ecommerce localization partner, you are able to localize your entire site and campaigns instantly, driving high sales growth this Black Friday.

  • Run promotions

In addition to providing a localized buyer experience, running promotions on certain products can help boost sales. Did you know that the average savings on Black Friday specials are 37%? This means that your customers are on the lookout for heavy discounts and will be comparison shopping to find better deals. 

Certain categories of goods such as electronic items followed by health & beauty, and fashion & luxury experience the highest volume of sales during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. Identify your best sellers and be aggressive with your ad spend to promote them.

Try to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach when designing your ad copy across different international markets. Be sure to craft promotional campaigns that resonate with your target country’s buyers and take into account relevant cultural nuances and popular keywords.

Elements like promotional pop-ups and banners can sometimes go unnoticed but these are the most important messages that you want to have all your customers understand. 

  • Make Seasonal adjustments across campaigns

Adjusting to seasonal trends across campaigns can also help drive higher growth. Data from over 33,000 merchant accounts that work with Glopal consistently report higher conversion rates during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. By significantly bumping up ad spend, merchants can drive higher sales.

Google introduced seasonal adjustments to their smart bidding for shopping campaigns. This adjustment looks at previous years’ conversion rate behaviours, and adjusts bidding temporarily to reflect that seasonal surge in conversions. 


For example, if the previous Black Friday saw certain products result in a 50% conversion across a 3-day sale, the algorithm will pick this up and automatically create an adjustment in bids to drive the same conversion rate, or higher, for this year's 3-day period. Once the time period has finished, the bidding will instantly return to the pre-sales behaviour without the need for manual adjustments.

This enables Google’s algorithm to apply adjustments to your campaigns, be more aggressive and drive a higher conversion on products that typically sell more in a short, but predetermined set of dates. 

  • Enable localized payments

One of the biggest influences on checkout conversion is being able to offer local payment methods as well as the prices being displayed in your buyers’ currency. 

Some buyers may be much more comfortable and acclimated to paying with certain payment methods such as PayPal, iDeal, Swish and other international payment processors. If they’re unable to use their preferred method of payment, they may look elsewhere to make a purchase. Integrate internationally accepted payments into your checkout to help drive a greater sales conversion this Black Friday.

To learn more about which payment methods are preferred by your international buyers, checkout our guides to international markets.

  •  Integrate international friendly shipping solution

Having a correct shipping strategy and solutions in place is necessary to prevent friction for you and your buyer as well as being able to deliver into all of your chosen markets. 

To offer a completely transparent checkout experience, you need to take into account how duties and taxes will be handled as part of the shipping process. Are they going to be collected at the time of delivery or the fully-landed cost will be presented at checkout?

Furthermore, how will you share necessary data with respective carriers such as HS codes and customs declarations? There are a lot of fundamental components to integrate into your shipping process when selling internationally. With so many different moving parts, this can be a little overwhelming but the good news is there are platforms that do all the heavy lifting and simplify this process. 

There are some things you can implement now into your shipping processes to create a better experience for your customers for Black Friday:

  • Offer varied shipping rates with a suggested option - buyers like variety and choice, some like to pay for faster shipping and others prefer cheaper methods. It’s important to provide a choice, but also suggesting a more efficient method such as an express can help.
  • Correct customs documentation - customs delays have been a huge issue for buyers this year, with a lot of packages and parcels getting stuck. Ensuring documentation is all filled out correctly is essential. By integrating an automation service for customs documentation, you can ensure parcels are shipped with their full and correct documentation. 
  • Offer taxes and duties at checkout - by offering the buyer the option to pay for taxes and duties at the checkout, they can prevent any unexpected costs and delays when the package goes through customs. This is a challenge and situation both merchants and their customers do not want to face, and a situation that can be easily avoided by not only offering the tax and duties at the checkout, but also the correct amount for that country to create a buyer experience customers have come to expect.

This is where Glopal can help.

Whilst there isn’t much time left until Black Friday, there’s still time to integrate an ecommerce solution that can drive high sales growth that weekend and for the rest of the holiday season.

Glopal enables merchants across Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and Visualsoft platforms to scale their international sales. Glopal’s pricing model is simple and easy-to-understand. We do have a “Free forever” plan that enables full access to our Facebook ads solution as well as a “Pro” plan with custom features for advanced merchants. 

We can help you to launch globally this Black Friday through localization:

  • Identify top international markets for your products 
  • Fully localize & launch Shopping Ads & Facebook Ads into your chosen markets
  • The solution localises the product feeds into over 25 currencies, providing buyers with the same local experience they’d expect.
  • Glopal’s guaranteed total landed cost reduces international delivery times and includes all customs duty and tax.  Glopal's ‘Delivery Duty Paid’ solution integrates seamlessly with your existing checkout.
  • Glopal’s international shipping creates a seamless and simple process, enabling merchants to ship their products overseas at a cost effective & competitive rate, whilst also providing a streamlined, hassle-free returns option.

To break your sales records this Black Friday weekend, get in touch with one of our ecommerce experts today.

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Daniel Porter

Daniel is an international ecommerce expert at Glopal.