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2022, a banner year of growth and milestones for Glopal

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2022 has been a banner year of growth and important milestones for Glopal. Most of this growth has been driven by new enterprise customers from the retail and luxury segments. This puts the company well on track to achieve its ambitious 100% YoY growth target.

As luxury leaders such as Printemps, Balmain, Dior, Babolat, Kenzo and IKKS among others join Glopal’s community of cross-border success stories, the use-case for Glopal’s platform-based approach is gaining more attention and adoption by the industry. 

To date Glopal has enabled cross-border growth for more than 33,000 retailers across the world across 100+ countries in over 20 languages. 

We’ve seen fantastic overall growth for our customers over the last year. US brands working with Glopal have seen a YOY sales increase of 23.4% into the UK markets in the last year. The average order value has also risen by 33%

What makes Glopal a trusted cross-border solution provider?  

Glopal enables merchants around the world to create unparalleled international buying experiences. That’s why some of the largest global brands trust Glopal with their international expansion strategies. 

We provide:

  1. End-to-end cross-border platform to streamline international operations and drive instant growth in over a hundred markets
  2. Comprehensive localization including full store translations, product feed localization, currency conversions, taxes and duties handling, and support for popular local payment methods
  3. Unified retail experience through native omnichannel capabilities
  4. Greater brand control by enabling merchants to transact directly with customers instead of through a merchant of record
  5. Personalized local support through Glopal’s worldwide operations

Glopal is a simple and fully managed ecommerce solution that connects stores with buyers worldwide, growing sales instantly. 

What product features has Glopal been focusing on in 2022?

The primary goal for Glopal has been enabling global growth across every market for leading retailers. Glopal’s focus on building strategic partnerships with leading retailers provides operational efficiency for brands.

Constant innovation and development are vital in order to not only provide our customers the most effective international ecommerce solution, but to also ensure brands can provide the best-in-class buyer experience to their customers. Over the last year, we’ve introduced several developments and initiatives aimed at providing more value to our strategic partnerships as well as driving high growth for retailers. 

More supported currencies & additional payment methods

To improve the conversions for brands entering new markets, glopal has worked hard over 2022 to provide more supported currencies, allowing buyers to be able to make transactional payments in their own local currencies and payment methods.

Post-purchase experience and omnichannel native support

Maximizing customer lifetime value is a continued importance for a lot of retailers. One of the main focuses has been enhancing the best-in-class omnichannel experience buyers receive so that brands can continue to delight international customers and fulfill their brand promise globally with a world-class after the initial purchase experience.

Glopal’s suite of international after sales tools includes tax & duty calculations, international shipping & returns and compliance, enabling retailers to provide a best-in-class experience in any international market.

Improved user experience customization

Providing a localized experience for buyers is extremely important when looking to expand into new international markets. However, it’s also important for brands to look and feel like themselves, and have control over their branding and how their site is localized. Some markets may warrant a different messaging or sales strategy, other markets may want to focus on altered branding guidelines to fit with cultural standards. 

To offer retailers even greater creative freedom, we’ve added in further levels of customization to our solution so brands have control of aspects of translation that are important to them.

Increased platform integrations

Being able to provide our ecommerce solution to brands on a variety of different platforms is a key goal, with the aim to enable retailers to benefit from Glopal’s tailored ecommerce solution regardless of platform. 

Over the last 3 years we have developed integration capability with all of the top ecommerce platforms, including: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and many more. With even more ecommerce integrations planned over the near horizon, all major brands will  be able to benefit from Glopal’s cross-border solution.

International expansion program

With a view to helping ecommerce merchants navigate the complexities of cross-border, Glopal piloted its international expansion program this year with support from partners such as Google. As part of this program, each quarter we onboarded a select number of high potential industry-leading retailers and launched their stores in multiple international markets. 

The program identifies areas of the buyer journey in which businesses need to further develop in order to achieve their required global sales growth targets. 

As a result, merchants break the plateau of international sales whilst identifying and expanding into new high-potential markets.

Almost 300 brands signed up for the international expansion program 

You can learn more about our international expansion program here


Daniel Porter

Daniel is an international ecommerce expert at Glopal.


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