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Import Duties
& Taxes

Our suite of tax & duty solutions is designed for ecommerce merchants that want to accelerate global sales in a way that is scalable, compliant and that delivers a great buyer experience to their international buyers.
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Improve your
post-purchase experience

We allow you to offer a best-in-class cross border experience to your customers while ensuring full international compliance. Our flexible solutions manage every step in the global ecommerce process from automated HS product classification and integrated tax & duty calculations, through to customs documentation, shipping carrier integration and international returns.

Guaranteed total landed cost

Convert more international buyers, reduce global delivery times and prevent customs delays with a guaranteed total landed cost that includes all customs duty and tax. Glopal's ‘Delivery Duty Paid’ solution integrates seamlessly with your existing checkout, allowing you to:

HS product classification

For big brands and retailers with large-scale inventories, the process of accurately assigning HS codes for thousands of SKUs can be a challenging task. Glopal’s automated service classifies all existing and new products allowing you to calculate customs correctly across every international market. 

& restrictions

Glopal helps enterprise merchants adhere to international export restrictions. Our solution includes a prohibited items check that automatically identifies restricted and prohibited items for export to specific destinations and informs your buyers in order to prevent delayed or even failed shipments. This verification can also be performed offline and full product catalogs can be processed via our API.

more buyers

Glopal provides a simple, managed and automated marketing solution that connects your existing Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads with buyers worldwide. Through Glopal's unique mix of international marketing automation and conversion optimization our brands see, on average, a 3X increase in their international sales.


Become a
global brand

Book a product demo today to explore our suite of cross-border tools and to learn more about how Glopal can grow your international sales.