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Daniel Porter Jun 21, 2021 5:11:00 AM 1 min read

[Case Study] Store localization scales international sales 8X for String Swing

Our overall international sales has grown since joining with Glopal,  maintaining ROAS that we have set and it has been very profitable

Gabe Oakes,



Founded in 1987, String Swing began on a small dairy farm. The founder Paul played guitar in a band, however he had nowhere secure to store his guitars. With spare parts around the farm he created the first guitar hanger. Realising a niche in the market, String Swing was born. 

The company has grown exponentially since then, becoming the world's leading guitar hanger mount.

Download the full case study here.


String Swing’s primary ecommerce channel was through Amazon. However Amazon’s cost of selling slowly increased and the company realised they needed to further expand internationally through other channels. Their main challenge was overcoming competitors already established cross-border, and known very well throughout Europe. 

They decided to focus on Shopping Ads to help create brand awareness and compete with globally established brands.



Glopal’s international Shopping Ads solution helped String Swing grow their international sales by:

  1. Full store content & currency localization

String Swing’s site was translated into each language of their chosen markets, along with currency conversion. This drove a huge increase in conversion due to buyers being given a localized experience.


String Swing saw a 113% increase in international sales in the first 30 days of joining Glopal. 

Thanks to the most comprehensive and secure end-to-end localized shopping experience, they have noted a substantial improvement in the number of international sales over 90 days, seeing an increase of 745%.

String Swing are one of the world's leading guitar hanger and mount brands, selling in international markets all across the globe.

Download the full case study here.

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Daniel Porter

Daniel is an international ecommerce expert at Glopal.