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Glopal is a powerful cross-border ecommerce solution designed specifically for the needs of large and enterprise brands and retailers.
We're trusted by many of the world's largest fashion, lifestyle and sports brands. Glopal enables brands to scale their businesses internationally in a way that protects and respects their brand.

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Glopal, together with its partners, enables merchants around the world to create unparalleled international buying experiences. Some of the largest global brands trust Glopal with their international expansion strategies.
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Daniel PorterSep 22, 2020 5:09:14 PM5 min read

Product updates Q4 2020: Direct Shipping, International Price adjustments and more!

To prepare for the upcoming Holiday season, we’ve launched a series of new features that enable merchants to not only overcome competition across international markets, but create the best localized experiences for their buyers.

Key new features for Q4 2020:

All of these features come just in time for Q4, giving merchants the tools they need to have the best holiday season yet.

Over the last 12 months, Glopal’s customers have seen extraordinary international sales growth through our international Google Shopping service.

We want to give our customers the opportunity to be competitive ahead of the upcoming holiday season with a focus on international fulfillment and pricing optimisation.

Herbert Knibiehly, Chief Marketing & Product Officer

For merchants these new features will help merchants overcome the challenges presented by the current economic climate, have a strong seasonal period for the next quarter and the best start for 2021. 

For buyers this means even better localized buying experiences and merchants seeing an increase in checkout conversion.

What’s new in Q4?

Direct Shipping

Offer competitive shipping rates to international buyers.

Shipping prices can greatly affect checkout conversions - too high shipping costs can put off buyers and result in many merchants losing potential sales. We have launched our new direct shipping feature which enables the most advanced merchants to provide competitive shipping prices globally if they already have custom shipping contracts with carriers.



How does it work?

Whenever a product is selected to be shipped to a specific international market, buyers will be offered any negotiated shipping rates between the merchant and the carriers. 

Once the buyer has moved through the checkout process of the localized store and proceeds to choose the shipping, our feature dynamically fetches the shipping options from your domestic site to the destination. Our shipping feature will then build a quote for the buyer and then present those competitive options to the checkout - mirroring the domestic shipping setup.

This means that any specific deals that you may have with carriers can be offered to your buyers, allowing you to provide the best shipping rates to both domestic and international visitors. 

Additionally, overall parcel delivery times are also reduced. Direct shipping feature enables you to process shipping straight from your warehouse, which reduces the time to deliver to your customers. 

Price Rounding

Control how your prices are displayed to international visitors.

Pricing plays an important role in whether an international buyer converts, or is given a full localized experience. When a price is localized it doesn’t always reflect that of the original value. For example, a product valued at £9.99 that is localized into euro would be priced at €10.81.

To fix this, we have developed our price rounding feature to enable you to tailor your prices, rounding down or up, and offer international prices reflective of your domestic store to meet your pricing strategy.

Create a consistent experience across markets by implementing advanced price rounding strategies to your international markets. For example you may want to sell into an eu market but with a discount added to be more competitive to that market. 

You could start by taking your original price, then converting that into EUR to have the converted price, then apply a discount on top of that to create the adjusted price, then use price rounding to finish at the rounded price. Your customer is given a price value more tailored to their localized market.  

This change allows you to not only be consistent in your pricing and be aligned with your ecommerce strategy, but also greatly improve conversion rates across your international checkouts.

Price Adjustment

Adjust the prices of your products across international sites.

Some international markets can be price sensitive, some markets can be more premium than others - you need to be able to tailor prices more specifically to international markets to help improve sales and control your profitability across markets.

We have developed our price adjustment feature to give you more control of your international prices to reflect your ecommerce strategy and expand effectively in more markets.

You can now adjust prices for each export country:

  • Do your prices need to be more competitive in a particular market?
  • Do you want to create a more premium brand in 1 or 2 locations? 
  • Do you want to offer a time-gated promotional event? 

For each country you’re going international on, you can now adjust the price of your products by a percentage - you can decrease prices to drive more business, or increase them to control your margin. 

Content Customization

Tailor what content is displayed across international versions of your site.

Sometimes there is content specific to domestic buyers that is only needed for the domestic site and it doesn’t make sense to show it on any localized sites, or you may want to show something specific on your international sites but not your domestic site.

Our content customization feature creates the possibility to hide or display content tailored to your localised sites. 

For example, you may be promoting free shipping domestically and want to remove it from your international sites, with content customization you can now easily select the content and remove it from all of your international sites.

Add customizations directly to your ecommerce back-office and show/hide content on all or any selected countries. Increase your sales further by showing more tailored content relevant to your international buyers. 

Learn more about how you can use content customization.

Additional improvements 

We have made additional improvements to our soulution that is available to both our Pro plan and freemium users.

3 new countries for international Google Shopping: 

Reach out to more customers with international Google Shopping ads now available in Greece, Slovakia and Finland.


See the sales impact from paid channels:

The sales dashboard was updated and you can now see the distribution of sales from Glopal Paid Channels and the ones from Glopal Non Paid Channels.

This means:

  • More targeted sales data!
  • You can determine where the sales distribution for your store is coming from between paid and non-paid Glopal channels.


Improved shipping cost calculation:

Benefit of the most accurate shipping prices thanks to our new algorithm.

  • For customers who use our parcel forwarding service, you can now benefit from even more optimised and more competitive shipping rates with our new improved system.

How can you benefit from these new features?

Our Direct Shipping, Price Adjustment and Price Rounding features are available to all Pro plan customers. All other improvements are being offered to all merchants.

If you are a Pro plan customer and would like to start benefiting from any of our new features, get in touch with your account manager today and they will take care of everything for you.

If you are a Freemium customer and would like to take advantage of our new features, upgrade your plan today.

Not a Glopal customer? Sign up today and grow your international sales 4x in 30 days.


Daniel Porter

Daniel is an international ecommerce expert at Glopal.