Localized checkout with local payment methods

Support more payment methods and convert more international buyers, all with fraud protection and a lower cost per transaction. The checkout is the very final step of the buying process, improvements made here can have a significant, disproportionate and compound impact on the rest of your buying funnel.


Improve international conversion rates and reduce fraud

Providing international buyers with a local checkout process is essential for buyer confidence and conversion. Watch the video below to learn how to provide a local experience complete with local payment methods, fraud protection and a lower cost per transaction.


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Local payment methods

Enabling international buyers to transact payments using a familiar local payment method is essential for buyer conversion. Glopal enables merchants to support local payment methods tailored to each international market within which they trade. Merchants can enable multiple local payment methods through one account with Glopal with one simple, low transaction fee.

Supported payment methods:

  • Local and international Debit and Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard,  American Express,  Discover,  Diners club, JCB, Union Pay, and more
  • Direct banking payments: Giro, Ideal, Sofort, and more
  • Digital wallets: Alipay, Apple Pay, Google pay and more
  • Optional payment methods:  Paypal, Klarna, etc.

Fraud and currency protection

Glopal takes on the risk to protect merchants from chargebacks, fraud and currency fluctuations. Glopal payments ensure better fraud prevention by setting up different security rules per country, enabling risk to be managed  across all international markets.

Glopal also protects you from international exchange rate currency fluctuations. By providing fixed currency costs, you can ensure that what your buyer pays, you receive.

This also includes customer refunds - if a customer refund is requested after a period of time, we will use the same exchange rate as was used when the order was placed.


Currency Conversion

Glopal converts all product prices to buyers’ local currency  (based on current exchange rates) and enables merchants to transact payment in up to 25 currencies.  

Price adjustment & rounding

Directly converting product prices can lead to sometimes strange and ugly decimal price points. Glopal gives merchants the tools to set price rounding rules to ensure international pricing looks local.

Checkout translation & localisation

Glopal’s checkout offers a fully translated flow to present a local experience in more than a hundred countries. Global uses a natural language processing solution to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation, but localizing an online store or checkout goes beyond simple translation.

The objective of ecommerce localization is to give international buyers an online shopping experience that is indistinguishable from their native domestic experience. This includes converting currencies, sizes and much more.


Duties & taxes

Calculate all import duties and taxes in the checkout in order to provide international buyers a guaranteed total landed cost to ensure fast and frictionless customs clearance with no surprise charges.  

Glopal’s duty and tax solution enables merchants to both calculate and charge buyers import duty and tax in the checkout. It also then generates the appropriate international shipping documentation.


International shipping

Glopal’s international shipping solution enables you to provide multiple shipping options to international buyers from economy to express using an integrated parcel forwarding service. This enables merchants to provide fast and affordable international shipping options for multiple markets without the need to change couriers or workflows.

End-to-end localized checkout

Glopal provides a full stack suite of cross-border tools to enable merchants to provide international buyers with smooth, familiar and end-to-end local shopping experience.

Local payments  
Fraud protection  
Currency conversion  
Duties & Taxes  
International Shipping  

Reduce your cost per transaction

Glopal’s international payment solution enables many merchants to reduce international transaction fees by well over 50%.

When merchants add up the fixed fee, the transaction fee, the origin fee and the currency exchange fee of international orders many discover their payment processors are charging them rates that can add up to as much as 9% per transaction.

Glopal offers merchant’s one simple and affordable international transaction fee across all markets.