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Glopal uses an AI-based natural language processing solution to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation in real-time. Enter your store URL below to try it now!

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Our unique combination of AI, translation memory and human review enables us to provide unparalleled human-quality translation in real-time. This allows merchants to expand internationally faster than ever before whilst at the same time maintaining the same quality buyer experience across markets.

Monnier, Paris, Luxury International Fashion, UK Screenshot, Glopal Global Ecommerce
Monnier, Paris, Luxury International Fashion, KR Screenshot, Glopal Global Ecommerce

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Translate your store in 100+ markets

Using a completely revolutionary approach, Glopal enables merchants to create and deploy over 100 localized versions of their store in local language and local currency in real-time.  Each store is an exact replica of your existing domestic store and is updated immediately when you make a change to your main store. All international orders then appear in your domestic platform as normal and can be fulfilled using your existing processes and workflows.

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Ecommerce optimized translation

Ecommerce optimized machine translation is a great and affordable alternative to human translation. It differs from standard machine translation by virtue of the fact it is built and trained specifically for ecommerce products. It understands the notion of products, categories, attributes and context in a way that standard machine translation cannot. At Glopal we translate over 100,000 new products every week. With every new translation, our system becomes better and more accurate at optimizing your products.

New products translated every week
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Grey Wool Beanie
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Monnier, Paris, Hat, Jacquemus, Luxury International Fashion, UK Screenshot, Glopal Global Ecommerce
그레이 울 비니
무료 배달
Once your products are translated and localized you're ready to market those products internationally.

AI & human translation

Translations are automatically generated in real-time, but are constantly reviewed and optimized using translation memory and human review. Glopal provides all merchants with an in-context translation management system that allows translation teams to adjust and update specific translations. This allows Glopal to do the real heavy-lifting, whilst you still retain complete control.  You have the flexibility to tweak and perfect your international copy.

*Update and edit any of your translations in-context*

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customer detection

We automatically detect your international visitors and offer them the most appropriate localized version of your store for them. This ensures that your customers always receive the best buying experience while you, as a merchant, get the best international conversion rate and Return on Ad Spend. We also translate and optimize your content to ensure that international search engines view and index the correct version of your store.

Marketing translation & localization

To capture the full potential of the international opportunity it's essential to attract new international buyers to your store through translated and localized marketing campaigns. Glopal's simple international marketing solution connects your existing Google, Facebook and Instagram ads with buyers worldwide.

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