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Glopal launches partnership with Visualsoft

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Glopal has launched a partnership with Visualsoft. The aim is to enable international sales growth, where merchants on the Visualsoft platform will now be able to benefit from Glopal’s tailored ecommerce solution.

The solution not only allows Visualsoft merchants to provide their international customers with a seamless and localized shopping experience but also enables brands to easily and instantaneously deliver their international strategy, whilst empowering them globally.

Merchants on Visualsoft will now be able to:

  • Launch international marketing campaigns on Shopping Ads into over 60 countries
  • Localize their entire store into chosen markets, including product catalogs, store checkout, prices and payments
  • Be internationally compliant by offering taxes and duties to customers, correctly classify products and prevent delays at customs
  • Ship to any buyer, anywhere in the world.

“This partnership is an important step as new regulations impact cross border trade between the United Kingdom and Europe. Our goal is to make it really easy for merchants to comply with regulation, to grow their  international sales and expand into new global markets. ” says Herbert Knibiehly, CPO/CMO at Glopal. 

“Providing our solution on Visualsofts platform is key because traditionally online retailers required huge resources and manpower to localize their product catalogs and website, provide localized payment and affordable international shipping. Our customizable solution removes the hassle of international selling, it delivers an end to end global experience in just a few weeks.’ he adds.


Glopal’s tailored one-stop solution removes all those big ecommerce barriers, increasing online international traffic and sales. It covers everything from driving multi-channel acquisition through international SEO to localization and translation, tax and duties calculation, shipping solution and global returns.


“We’re very excited to begin this partnership with Glopal. We’re always looking for strategic partners, who support merchants keen to grow online and Glopal’s solution does this really effortlessly and in a cost-efficient way. We believe their cross-border solution will be extremely valuable for all merchants using and migrating to the Visualsoft platform as their growth engine of choice.” Ed Harries, Partnerships Director. 

“International growth is a key focus for many of our clients and now, thanks to Glopal’s innovative technology, merchants can scale globally into previously untapped markets, while providing a localised shopping experience for international customers with minimal impact or effort.”


To find out how you scale your international sales and find new global buyers on Visualsoft's platform, get in touch with one of our ecommerce experts today.


Daniel Porter

Daniel is an international ecommerce expert at Glopal.


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