Boost your international sales

PayPal Global Sellers in partnership with Glopal, is a simple and fully managed ecommerce solution that connects your existing Google Shopping product feeds with buyers worldwide, growing your sales instantly.

  • International Google Shopping
  • International payments
  • Localization & translation International shipping
  • Increase your international sales 4× in 30 days!



Improve your ROI and invest in more countries at a lower CPC

Our automated solution identifies the best international opportunities for your products, lowering your average CPC, widening your global reach and driving more sales to your online store.

On average our customers have seen a 4X increase in their international sales and a 32% increase in their total sales within the first 30 days.


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Your demo will...

  • Show the Google Shopping potential of your store based on international CPCs and Return on Ad Spend
  • Present our analysis of you existing international traffic
  • Share key insights on how to convert this traffic into sales
  • Answer any questions regarding our services

You will need...

  • Access to a computer and browser
  • Approximately 30 minutes

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