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Our exclusive international expansion program which is supported by Google is designed for brands to help break the plateau of international sales and expand into new global markets. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the international expansion program about?

We work alongside partners such as Google and Facebook to onboard a select number of exclusive retail online stores that are looking to expand internationally and grow global sales.

Some of our enterprise merchants have seen a 4X increase in international sales through this program. Your brand can tremendously benefit from this opportunity.

Why 4X?

Through this partnership, our teams work closely with enterprise merchants and their eCommerce teams. Most of our clients see a 4X lift in international sales through our marketing campaign automation and localization technology. Some of clients have seen even more.

Most of this growth comes from new international buyers and is achieved through simultaneously launching automated campaigns in multiple international markets.


How do we increase your sales?

Our enterprise team at Glopal helps retail brands like yours successfully expand their footprint in new international markets through our cross-border platform which includes our class-leading localization technology and marketing services. Our full-stack omnichannel platform allows you to improve conversion at every step of the buyer journey and enables you to provide your buyers the best-in-class online shopping experience.  

Why partner with Glopal?

Built for Enterprise - Trusted by some of the largest retail brands in the world. Full-stack integration with tailored customization for your growth requirements, with experience of partnering with the largest retail brands to grow their international sales 4X.

Omnichannel native - Delight customers by offering them a best-in-class shopping experience including hassle-free returns and full tax & duties coverage built to support your omnichannel strategy.

B2B2C ready - Lower the cost of doing business internationally through a single DDP resulting in significant cost savings per parcel delivery.


New Buyers Drive Maximum Sales

Glopal’s cross-border platform opens a world of customers to eCommerce merchants. Instantly launch your store in over 100 countries and in more than 20 languages. Current cross-border solutions don't focus on buyer discovery and international growth.

By greatly improving the initial buyer discovery across all global markets through marketing campaign automation and local SEO optimization, merchants can see a significant increase in international sales.


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Convert Existing International Visitors Into Customers

Glopal’s localization focuses on converting existing international traffic through high-quality AI and human translations along with currency conversions and local payments, which improves conversion rates by offering visitors their local buying experience.

  • Translations & currency conversions
  • Local payments


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Delight customers to drive repeat sales and improve CLV

Delight international shoppers and drive repeat purchases to improve customer lifetime value with a frictionless purchasing experience and hassle-free returns.

  • Fully landed costs at checkout (taxes & duties)
  • Returns Management
  • Localized Communication
  • Carrier Integration



One platform for all your international expansion needs

Unlike traditional merchant of record models, Glopal’s end-to-end cross-border growth platform enables merchants to not only simplify but also scale international growth. Discover new international buyers and provide best-in-class shopping experiences.

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