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Few business growth strategies could potentially multiply the size of an ecommerce business. Using Google Shopping to reach a wider global audience may be one of them.

Today almost 60% of worldwide online shoppers purchase from overseas and international sales are estimated to exceed national sales by 17% by 2022.

This comprehensive guide will help you make the most of your global sales potential on Google Shopping by covering:

  • Setting up international campaigns to leverage the worldwide opportunity on Google Shopping
  • Foolproof ways of minimizing acquisition costs and maximizing conversions on Google Shopping
  • Using ecommerce solutions to get maximum results with minimum efforts and much more.
International sales potential

Learn how your store can benefit from the worldwide opportunity on Google Shopping, including minimizing acquisition costs.

International shopping campaigns

Learn how to set up and optimize your international Shopping campaigns to get the best results.

Meeting Google requirements

Learn how to best translate & localize your product feeds and website to meet Google language & currency requirements.


International Google
shopping guide


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