What's in our guide?

Following the pandemics impact to the global economy, Google made changes to its surfaces across google platforms with the intentions to drive ecommerce growth, for small or large merchants and enable ecommerce sustainability.

With the implemented changes, you can now unlock even more access to buyers and more visibility, with the potential to sell in markets all around the world.

Our guide will help you to benefit from Google's free visibility by covering:

  • What changes were made and what it means for merchants
  • How it impacted businesses over the last 6 months
  • The optimal way of getting started and gaining maximum free visibility internationally
Get more out of your free listings

Learn how to gain maximum product visibility across free international listings.

Meet the eligibility criteria

Learn what the criteria is set and how you can ensure your products all meet the necessary requirements for free listings.

Get started internationally

Free listings are now available to the UK, EU, Asia and South America. Learn how you can get started and list your products for free internationally.


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