What's in our guide?

The transition period has ended, the UK is now separated from the European Union and a new trade deal has been agreed between the EU and the UK. 

What comes next for ecommerce merchants?

In this definitive guidebook, we’ll go through what has happened so far with Brexit, what is involved in the new free trade deal and explain how to prepare your online store to meet all of the requirements from brexit to be able to continue selling into the EU, and requirements for US/EU sellers to continue selling into the UK.

Brexit & international ecommerce

Learn about Brexit’s current and potential impact on international ecommerce. Find out why there’s enthusiasm and interest in trading abroad despite the volatile times.

What is in the new free trade deal

Understand what is involved in the new free trade agreement, what long term changes have been made and what this means for your business

Get your store eligible for the new Brexit criteria

 Learn what the criteria is for your store to continue selling abroad and how you can ensure your products all meet the necessary requirements to sell into the EU


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