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The UK has begun its journey of separating itself from the European
Union. The country was originally due to leave the EU at 11 pm GMT on
29th March 2019. The transition period between 29th March 2019 and
31st December 2020 was to allow businesses to prepare and adapt to
post-Brexit reality. But things didn’t go according to plan...

Currency fluctuations, customs regulations, (un)expected changes in
legislation and other uncertainties will bring international sales
opportunities and challenges. 

In this guidebook, we’ll show you how to prepare your online store
for one of the biggest events in contemporary history.

Ecommerce after Brexit Referendum

Learn about the impact brexit's referendum has had on ecommerce over the last 4 years. 

Should UK merchants worry?

What will the post brexit legislation be, and will this be a cause for concern for UK merchants?

Get your store eligible for the new Brexit criteria

 Learn what the criteria is for your store to continue selling abroad and how you can ensure your products all meet the necessary requirements to sell into the EU


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