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Delivery is one of the most important aspects of cross-border trade. Getting your products from your store (or fulfillment hub) to your customers can either create a positive experience that will bring them back, or a negative experience that pushes them away, or even damage your brand.

Ensuring your international delivery goes smoothly is incredibly important.


To help you to improve your delivery strategy, we've created a guide that includes:

  • 5 important areas to consider for your delivery strategy for 2021
  • Why they are important and how they affect your shipping if incorrect
  • Checklist of how you can improve these areas of your strategy
What is important to include in your delivery strategy

Learn about important aspects of ecommerce delivery and how you can overcome the current challenges.

Prevent customs and shipping delays

Understand what errors lead to shipping delays and how you can prevent packages from being stuck at customs.

Pick the right delivery partner for you

 Learn how to find the right courier partner to match your business and represent your brand.


 5 Things to consider to improve your delivery strategy


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