HS Product Classification

A simple and highly scalable integrated & automated HS Product Classification tool for large and enterprise ecommerce merchants.


The Harmonized System Explained

The Harmonized System was introduced by the World Customs Organisation in 1988. Watch the video below to understand what it is and why it's so important for your international business.

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On-The-Fly Classification

Customs compliance is a major pain point for international retailers. A single shift or reclassification in HS codes can impact a retailer’s ability to clear customs or properly collect Total Landed Cost. On-The-Fly Classification (OTFC) ensures retailers are up to date and compliant, a task once unobtainable when manually processed.

Context-Based Algorithm

OTFC detects and classifies product catalogues in real-time. Retailers enjoy unprecedented accuracy, agility and scalability to HS code classification for both fixed or dynamic product catalogues. OTFC mitigates risk for sellers and buyers by utilizing a complex context-based algorithm that matches data points and language patterns to the correct HS classifications. 

Seamlessly Assign HS Codes

The traditional process of manually classifying product catalogues is tedious and costly. Now with OTFC, retailers can seamlessly assign HS codes to new product catalogues and update existing catalogues in real-time. OTFC provides retailers peace of mind knowing their product categories are always up to date.

OTFC ensures retailers:

  • are legally allowed to ship products internationally.
  • can generate accurate customs documentation, ensuring products clear customs without delays.
  • can guarantee import taxes and duties are paid.

OTFC ensures customers:

  • can pay customs charges at checkout.
  • are free of financial surcharges or unexpected fees.
  • are provided timely delivery.