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Use our Google Shopping Grader to establish where your business can improve its Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

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Identify new opportunities

Our Grader analyses your Google Product Listing Ads Keywords (PLA) across multiple global markets and identifies opportunities to lower your CPC and increase your ROAS.

Google Shopping Ads is an attractive ecommerce option for both online buyers and retailers. For buyers it’s like a digital mall: they can enter, browse and see many brands and products from a multitude of merchants.

For merchants, Google Shopping is a huge traffic-driving source that increases earning potential for online stores. According to a Digital Marketing Report from Merkle, it has approximately 30% higher conversion rates than text ads.


Expand to new markets and increase your sales

Ecommerce merchants can leverage Google Shopping to sell internationally and generate additional sales. Today almost 60% of worldwide online shoppers purchase from overseas.

International ecommerce can offer merchants big returns at lower levels of investment than their domestic market.  Glopal makes it easier than ever before to expand internationally.  Glopal’s hassle-free solution enables your Google Shopping feeds to reach buyers worldwide, providing you greater access to higher sales.


Improve your ROAS and invest at a lower CPC

Glopal’s Google Shopping Grader automatically identifies the best international opportunities for your products, lowering your average CPC, widening your global reach and driving more sales to your online stores.

Google Shopping allows merchants to get ahead of their competitors. For example, merchants have the chance to be the first to sell their products in different countries. These may be emerging online markets where there’s a big demand for specific products but the local ecommerce merchants are unable to meet that demand.


Grow your sales by 32% in the first 30 days


On average Glopal’s customers see a 4X increase in their international sales and a 32% increase in their overall sales within the first 30 days, whilst maintaining or increasing the ROAS of their Google Shopping campaigns.

Setting up Glopal is hassle-free and super easy, you can get started instantly. Glopal will do all the technical work for you; all you need to do is connect your Google Shopping account and Glopal will take care of the rest.



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