Ecommerce Translation & Localization

Global uses an AI based natural language processing solution to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation in real-time. Comprehensively localizing your online store however goes far beyond just translation. It includes price conversion, tax and duty calculation, international payments, compliance, marketing, international shipping and more.


Global works in real-time

Glopal provides a unique real-time translation and localization solution that leverages AI and machine learning, together with human editing and review to provide human-quality translation and localization.

4x-1-1Boost your sales 4X

Using Glopal’s real-time translation and localization solution merchants are able to rapidly expand into multiple markets and on average see a 4X increase in their international sales.


End-to-end translation and localization

Translation and localization don’t start and end with just your ecommerce store. To successfully trade internationally, you also need to translate and localize everything from your international marketing to the order confirmation that your international buyers receive. 


Localization vs translation

Localization goes far beyond mere linguistic translation.

The objective of ecommerce localization is to give international buyers an online shopping experience that is indistinguishable from their typical native experience. Glopal’s localization engine converts currencies and pricing, provides local payment options, handles shipping and returns options and more–all in real-time.


Hassle-free localization

Glopal’s AI-based solution helps you optimize your localization processes and costs.

We take care of all translation, price conversion, tax and duty calculation, international payments, compliance, marketing and international shipping.

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution that enables you to rapidly expand your business internationally.

What makes our translation different

We combine AI natural language processing with High-quality Human review. 


Because we’re not limited by human-capacity we’re able to process enormous translation volumes in real-time.

Ecommerce optimized

We use a statistical machine translation engine, which is specifically trained for ecommerce products, categories and attributes.


Glopal combines AI natural language processing with high-quality human review to deliver human-quality translation in real-time.


Using ecommerce and category-optimized libraries, we can deliver consistent and standardised translations.

Category Mapping

We translate and map your product categories to the international equivalents to ensure your products index correctly.


Our automated process enables us to offer our translation services for FREE as part of one of our free or paid plans.


Ecommerce optimized machine translation

Ecommerce optimized machine translation is a great and affordable alternative to human translation. It differs from standard machine translation by virtue of the fact it is built and trained specifically for ecommerce products. It understands the notion of products, categories, attributes and context in a way that standard machine translation cannot.

At Glopal we translate over 100,000 products every week. With every new translation, our system becomes better and more accurate  at optimizing your products. Our solution supports top ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Salesforce Commerce straight out of the box. It can  also be interfaced with other platforms as a standalone solution for large and enterprise merchants.

So much more than just translation

A full localized experience involves so much more than just translation. It involves price conversion, tax and duty calculation, international payments, compliance, marketing, international shipping and more.

Ecommerce Translation We use an AI-based solution and autonomous machine learning to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation.  
Localized Marketing In addition to localizing your store, we also automatically localize your product feeds to launch localized marketing campaigns across Google, Facebook and Instagram.  
Currency Conversion We automatically convert your item prices based on current exchange rates (you can also set specific pricing on a country or item level).  
Shipping optimization Our parcel forwarding service enables you to offer your international buyers the very best international shipping rates. In addition, wee take care of all customs documentation and international shipping, all while you maintain your existing couriers and workflows.  
Legals & Compliance We comply with international import and export restrictions and automatically block any items that may be prohibited in a specific market to avoid delays or unnecessary returns.  
International Payments Supporting the right payment methods in the right markets is crucial. Glopal provides you with a fully localized, secure and hosted international checkout process that enables you to accept payment in 25 currencies using specifically tailored local payment methods like AliPay in China, GiroPay in Germany, Ideal in the Netherlands and so on.  

Speed and Quality

Glopal’s unique combination of AI, translation memory and human review enables them to provide unparalleled human-quality translation in real-time. This allows merchants to expand internationally faster than ever before whilst at the same time maintaining the same quality buyer experience across markets.

AI & Human Translation

Translations are automatically generated in real-time, but are constantly reviewed and optimized using translation memory and human review.

Translators also work with Glopal

Glopal provides all merchants with an in-context translation management system that allows translation teams to adjust and update specific translations.

This allows Glopal to do the real heavy-lifting, whilst you still retain complete control.  You have the flexibility to tweak and perfect your international copy.

Automatic international customer detection

We automatically detect your international visitors and offer them the appropriate localized version of your store for them. This ensures that your customers always receive the best buying experience while you, as a merchant, get the best international conversion rate and Return on Ad Spend.

Automatic detection

Industry & proprietary terms

Glopal supports complex, industry-specific and proprietary vernacular through custom translation dictionaries and glossaries that ensure store-wide consistency and accurate translation of complex terms and phrases that might be specific to just your business or industry.

Plug & Play Integration

In order to ensure that all your product translations are up to date and that the local versions of your store are always fully translated and localized, it’s essential that any solution is fully integrated and available on-demand.

Glopal is available as a ‘Plug & Play’ app for merchants running platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, but is also available on a modular basis for large and enterprise merchants via API.