Prohibited Items

Powerful Technology

Glopal’s cross-border technology screens for prohibited items, embargoed countries as well as restricted and denied persons. When prohibited items are shipped internationally (without such screening), the following problems could happen:

  • A government agency responsible for export or import may intercept and hold the shipment.
  • These delays will make your customer unhappy.
  • The unhappy customer will likely want a refund.
  • Customs may impose penalties, fines or worse.

These scenarios can be minimized with Glopal. Our software makes managing international shipping simple. Contact Glopal to learn how our technology can help your company ship cross-border securely and without setbacks.


Cross-Border Restrictions

Legal restrictions

Some products are prohibited due to exporting country, importing country or transportation regulations. Items ultimately destined for Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and any other country subject to U.S. or international embargoes are prohibited. Shipments cannot be delivered to certain restricted and denied persons and entities that pose security risks and are on U.S., European and international lists.

Safety Restrictions

Products that cannot be safely shipped include flammable products or dangerous items, e.g., products that are toxic or that may catch fire or explode during shipment. This category includes some everyday products such as aerosols and certain cosmetics.

Commonly Prohibited Products:

Lithium batteries and electronic products

Loose lithium batteries and certain categories of lithium batteries and products containing them

Cash, money and related items

Cash, money and related items

Cigarettes and related products

Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and tobacco products


Narcotics and unlicensed drugs including synthetic cannabis which are often packaged as "herbal incense" or "herbal potpourri" and under other similar descriptions

Select electronics

Certain radio transmitters and cordless phones are restricted by certain countries.

Sharp objects

Axes, darts, bayonets as well as bows and arrows

Firearms and weapons

Guns, revolvers, pistols, rifles and rifle scopes, gun parts and accessories, bullets and ammunition, mace, pepper spray, stun guns, hand grenades, flick knives, imitation weapons including toy guns, pistols and grenades

Pornographic and obscene materials

Sex toys, clothing, equipment, pornographic material, erotic publications including videos and movies

Weapons and warfare (export specifically prohibited)

Projection telescopes specially designed for use with Super High Power Laser ("SHPL") systems; handcuffs, legcuffs, ankle cuffs, police-type batons, polygraph (lie detector) equipment, military helmets, night vision equipment (e.g., goggles, binoculars), bulletproof clothing and flak jackets, surveillance and eavesdropping equipment (including hidden cameras, infrared and thermal imaging cameras used in security systems)

Gambling items

Gambling equipment and apparatus, poker chips, lottery tickets and similar prize tickets

Perishable product

Frozen items, items requiring refrigeration, fresh flowers, living plants, trees, bushes, seeds, perishable foods (e.g., cheese, milk, yoghurt, eggs, meat, fish, seafood) and live bait


Alcoholic beverages or products, counterfeit or “pirated” goods. Keep in mind that many electronic products require lithium batteries.

Precious metals and stones

Bullion, gold and other precious metals, loose precious stones, gold or silver and platinum jewellery, antiques and rare coins

Explosives including gunpowder and dynamite, firecrackers and fireworks, fire extinguishers, cigarette lighters, gas lighters as well as many everyday products that are potentially flammable:

Explosive, toxic and dangerous products

–   Cosmetics. Perfumes and colognes, eau de toilette, fragrance spray, makeup remover, aftershave lotion, nail polish and polish remover or any product in an aerosol can

–   Household and home improvement products. Compressed gas or gas cylinders, fuels, gasoline/petrol, motor oil, lighter fuel, paint thinner, household cleaners, paint and paint guns, varnishes, stains, solvents, glue and adhesives, paintball tanks, guns and grenades, printer toner cartridges, drain cleaner, oven cleaner, bleach, pesticides and antifreeze

–   Automotive products.  Brake fluid, coolants, degreasers, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, vehicle cleaning solutions and performance additives

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